My Avocado!

My avocado!

My avocado is real,

My avocado is a metaphor.

My avocado defies all odds,

Grows in a glass of plain tap water,

No soil,

No fertilizer,

Not in a ‘proper’ orchard.

Yet it grows,

My avocado reaches towards the light,

As if it’s devoid of care,

As if the light will liberate it from the constrains of the teeny tiny glass of water on a windowsill.

Oblivious of how other well tended, privileged avocados fair,

It doesn’t compare,

Nor despair,

Because in this conditions now and here,

It knows its destination,

To reach for the light,

Whether one day it becomes a tree is neither here nor there,

If it dies a sapling,

It did leave a legacy,

Of reaching for the light,

Despite constraining unfavorable unbecoming conditions.


My imperfect Tattoo!

So I went and got myself a huge visually unappealing tattoo! It’s meaning?

Well, the continuity of life.

It’s a constant reminder to myself that I am unaccountable to anyone other than myself.

And that the choices I make are mine to live with.

Others ask me, was there no other way that you could make your life statement discreetly?

And I retort, does it bother you? What I do with my body?

Well, it shouldn’t!

This is my life! My body! My mistakes! My choices!

So next time you see my ridiculous, complex, huge, visible tattoo, just know that I done it for Me! to remind Me! about the ‘Continuity of life’ but if it unsettles your moral compass, so does my life, because it is ridiculously huge and complex and unappealing to some, but I find deep and sound meaning in it, and most important, it continues! #TheContinuityOfLife!