Rock bottomless

They say that when you hit rock bottom you use the solid rock to rebuild, but that’s probably theoretical balderdash, it’s a nice soundbite when you have nothing to say or when you lack context for an issue. I wonder how many rock bottoms there can be? My very good friend tells me that after rock bottom the only way is up! I have no problem with inspirational quotes, they give us short doses of unrealistic hope, the let us live a minute at a time they ground us just for a moment and blot the reality for a second.

I haven’t written for so long because my writing comes from a dark place, I am not depressed. No! this isn’t about that, it’s about a series of fortunate events. A mix of new learning, a new struggle, new horizons, new experiences, a newness that is aged yet not experienced. It’s about nothing in particular. It’s just rantings of a troubled soul, a traveller’s journal, an accidental tear in the fabric of reason. Yes! A communication with future self!

Everything is vain, friendships don’t last, they are for convenience. Adults listen to (WII FM- What’s In It For Me?). The minute one realizes that everyone is self-serving is the moment one realizes that selfishness has been demonized unfairly. But the love of self is the truth! Expectations need to be checked and properly grounded. You are on your own! Everyone else is busy attending to self, there is no shame in that, be selfish, selfless is an artifice.

Rock bottom is an ideological place, our last resolve, the stage right before giving up, that situation you can’t explain, I call it rock bottomless because the pits are many, it’s not one, your path is booby-trapped with many rock bottomless, you can’t avoid them because they ground you, check your pride, check your excesses…

Maybe I’ll start writing again.

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