Muhaari    09th 12 2011

I Did this little piece on December 09 2011. I had just attended a movement building boot camp that changed my life in activism greatly, it seems my past self was going through an interesting phase, I have removed some potentially controversial language from the piece. This is/was my 34 years old Self, of course I edited a bit the 34 yr old had poor grammar.

 I live in a forest,

I live where shadows come alive and others fret,

I live where beautiful coloured necklaces morph into poisonous snakes and poisonous snakes become beautiful necklaces,

I live in a utopia where self-validation is the norm and others opinions are unheard of,

I am an Ogre in my forest, full of mystery, ugly, hungry, lonely,

In my forest, I transform to fit, I hide in plain sight, I have multiple identities, 

Yet others think me unsightly,

yet others  think me evil,

yet others ostracize and condemn me for who I am,

yet others think me a misfit, a misnomer, not worthy of their approval,

yet I live, and love, and play and pray and prey, like everyone else.

Yes, I am the fabled ogre,

Comfortable in my metaphoric forest,

Here I am, here I will stay,

No wonder what others say.

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